When night falls, the garden opens its eyes; lamps hang glimmering in the trees and scores of moths flap and totter in the shadowy green, imagining themselves




The Pleasure Garden





Louisa Barfoot





The Brief was to design a Pleasure Garden in a forest just outside of Zurich, the project had to include a Horticultural Hall,a Greenhouse, Peacock lawn, Vista Garden, Water Garden, and Nightclub. My initial response to the site was the beauty of forest and the possibility to create something magical, diguised in the forest by mirrors and reflections. The ideas of glass, glasshouses and mirrors began to feature heavily in my research. Glass and mirror have given us insight into our existence through microscopes and telescopes, questioning and distorting reality. I came accross the process of Cylindrical Anamorphosis, in-which a curved mirror is used to reveal a distorted image. I used this as a parameter for my design, having a curved mirror at the centre of my project so that the reflection of the apparent reality, is seen as what the actual reality should be. I distorted the buildings in front of the mirror so in the reflection they appear as orthogonal cubes. I also used a three dimensional take on anamorphism  to create moments in which the buildings would appear to connect and create shapes.

Process Models

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1 / 2 / 3 / 4