Toh Shimazaki Architecture Forum 2010

Micro & Macro

Toh Shimazaki Architecture Forum 2010


t-sa forum is an architectural workshop run by London practice Toh Shimazaki Architecture (t-sa). Its aim is to support students’ academic development in close association with professional practice by providing a platform for research that allows students to carry out critical investigations according to their own interests and ideas.


For the fifth annual Forum our Client was Timothy d’Offay of Postcard Teas, Dering Street, London. We worked in groups to produce a proposal for the redesign of the interior of the Tea shop, drawing on the knowledge of the artisan tea growing and blending that Postcard Teas represents.


Over the month course we went on several site visits to the tea shop, for tea tasting, as well as learning about the context of the surrounding area. Visiting many architecture practises was a great chance to learn about how different practises work, our visits included Duggan Morris Architects, Caruso St John, Lynch Architects, Shin Azumi Studio, Edmund de Waal, and a talk from TAKA Architects.


Craft workshops by Atelier Domino taught us techniques to use within our studies such as acetone, pricking, guilding, embroidering. These techniques were used strongly within the final pieces.


The group that I was working in looked at how the consumer interacts with their surroundings, and how we could bring this theme into the Tea shop. The motion of pulling on a hanging tea cup would in turn produce a kinetic movement that would bring furniture out from the floor.


The work produced by the Forum Students in the summer of 2010 was displayed in the Toh Shimazaki Architecture Exhibition ‘Adaptable Structures’ at the TOTO Gallery in Clerkenwell, sponsored by Blueprint Magazine.




'Open the door' by Louisa Barfoot, Meiri Shinohara, Ryosuke Maruyama

'Postcard Tea' by Louisa Barfoot, Looking at the connection and networks of the shop and the sending of a postcard to the surroundings, London, and the world.

Suspended Tea Cups, Louisa Barfoot

'Interaction', Louisa Barfoot, Meiri Shinohara, Ryosuke Maruyama

'Reflections' Louisa Barfoot

Imagining that the mirror was the reflection of ones surroundings in thier tea cup.

Water Casting

All the work on www.louisabarfoot.com has been produced by Louisa Barfoot and belongs to Louisa Barfoot. No part of the work can be reproduced without written permission from Louisa Barfoot.